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Catalog of the Shakespeare Art Collection  --  Shakespeare Rummy Deck
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The colors as well as the designs and symbols help to define the psychological nature of the various characters.
[Interpretations are purely personal]

Chart of the color palette for the Shakespeare Rummy Deck by Hannah Tompkins

Red = 

Passion (good or bad): Love; Desire; Ardor;
Hate; Rage; Fury

Pinks =

Goodness: Benevolence; Kindness;
Tenderness; Unselfishness

Yellows =

Truth: Honesty; Veracity; Uprightness;
Trusty; Conscientious

Light Blue =

Purity: Virtue; Decency; Morality; Integrity;
Merit; Innocence; Fortitude

Browns, Sienna =

Earthiness: Simple; Modest; Sincere; Unassuming;
Natural; Open; Ingenuous

Dark Blue =

Loyalty: Faithful; Staunch; Devoted;
Constant; Steadfast

Blue-Green =

Vanity/Pride: Self Esteem; Ego;

Light Yellow-Green =

Growth: Youth; Expansion;

Purples =

Royalty: Aristocracy; Rank; Lineage; Ruling Power:
or Nobility (of character): Honor; Repect; Dignity

Olive Green =

Friendship: Sympathy; Harmony; Fellowship
Helpful; Dependability

Dark Yellow-Green =

Envy: Jealousy; Spite;
Malice; Distrust

Gray-Green =

Greed: Avarice; Selfishness:

Grays =

Shadows & Darkness: Evil; Gloom; Secrets; Intrigue; Evil deeds
& intentions; Mischief; Wickedness;
Corruption; Villany; Concealment

Black =

Death: Fate; Doom; Ruin
Destruction; Desolation


Following are the descriptions of the 56 cards.
All the character are list in Alphabetical Order, together with the corresponding Suit, Sign and Play.

Note: Interpretations are purely personal and make no scholarly claim.


Copyright © 1976 Hannah Tompkins. All rights reserved.

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