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Catalog of the Shakespeare Art Collection  --  Multi-Color Graphics on Shakespearean Themes

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Reduction Method Technique
by Hannah Tompkins

king lear, shakespeare's king lear
King Lear

troilus & cressida, troilus and cressida, shakespeare's play troilus & cressida
Troilus & Cressida

romeo & juliet, romeo and juliet, shakespeare play romeo and juliet
Juliet (Romeo & Juliet)

hamlet, shakespearean hamlet, artwork on hamlet

as you like it, print of as you like it, shakespeare's play as you like it
As You Like It

shakespeare othello, othelo, othello art

merchant of venice, play by shakespeare merchant of venice, shylock
Shylock (Merchant of Venice)

shakespeare's macbeth, mcbeth, woodcut on macbeth


artwork on theme of shakespeare's play the tempest
The Tempest



Wood-Block Prints: Series on Shakespeare's Fools

Feste (Twelfth Night)
(Twelfth Night: IV.ii.)

Touchstone (As You Like It:)
(As You Like It: II.vi.)

Verges & Dogberry (Much Ado About Nothing)
Verges & Dogberry
(Much Ado About Nothing: III.v.)

Lear's Fool (King Lear)
Lear's Fool
(King Lear: I.iv.)