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Hannah Tompkins, 1968

Personal Statement

Why Shakespeare?   Why Not?

FEAR is a terrifying thing!
We are afraid of what we do not understand or cannot see. This fear breeds suspicion, then aggression, and finally...force and violence.

Our World is in chaos. Those of conscience turn to some faith or religion to sustain the vital human values. The formal name of this belief is of little consequence. What really matters is that it should provide understanding, compassion, and whatever else is needed.
Then, in order to dissolve or minimize the FEAR, We must talk to each other.

Shakespeare has become for me, such a faith. Through his poetic insights he has told almost all there is to know of the inner and outer workings of people...the motivations, their behavior patterns and relationships; comic & tragic!
All this he put into his drama, often using metaphors & symbols.

The art works I have created are neither narrative nor literal transpositions of the Bard's allegories. They are my own personal interpretations, using my own invented symbols, in an effort to effect a fruitful alliance between the visual, dramatic, literary and theatrical art, and through which I have tried to make a meaningful contribution to reconcile the tattered fragments of human communication.

Shakespeare said something to me, and I share it with you.

--Hannah Tompkins